Monday, 4 February 2013


Our time on earth is counted,
As much as we take it for granted,
We could spend 100 years on it.
As a matter of fact some of us do wish that.
Do not forget that we might also spent 1 minute on it.

Life is a gift
Indeed they say.
Merely, do ask yourself,
Why do i keep seeing the days, the month, the years past
Next to my fellow citizen of the world,
When some only see so little time?
Is my life more precious?
Or are they actually too precious to accompany me ?

As hard as it might be
We are so many that do not fulfill our best in our full potential.
I do believe in Destiny,
I do believe we all have a purpose.
Although I do believe that we have the choice to follow
The path or write our own.
Whether or not it is right in other's eyes.

                  This is MY BELIEF
"Do not condemn yourself into believing somebody else's truth, built, understand and live by your own..."
                  Your Life, your Truth

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