Thursday, 22 November 2012

Are you doing OK?

Let's ride for a moment!!!!

          Very often, and mostly everyday we are asked that one simple question: how are you doing?
And the often answer that comes to our mind is: "I'm fine thank you. How about you?"...Weirdly it is the first answer that do come to our minds, although it is not the  most truthful one. 
Take a moment and ask yourself: am I really doing OK?  Or am I just pretending just to feel and make it seem as if i'm pulling everything together. 
As the days passes by, we intend to let ourselves, the real us, get swallowed by the people around us.
We are just like an iceberg...What we show the world is the one-eight of it above but whats below.... Where am I? Am I where i want to be? Have I lost sight of my wanting? Or have i chosen my needs? This is your life and you're the king/queen in your kingdom.  So do right by you.

Are you OK? Honestly, that is one question I would personally like to say: NO comment.(but that is just me :))...

The fact is, sometimes, taking a deep breath and letting those worries, those frustrations come out with one little drop of tear or on a punching bag, can do you good. 

As I'm coming down the horse, let me leave you with a word from Yovko Bonev 

Stress is not a reaction. Rather it is the price we pay for the "civilized" life we live which by the way is not civilized at all.

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