Saturday, 17 November 2012

It's not you it's me

Let's ride a horse for a second here...

          We've all been in relationships, some of us are in , other's are on the way. And It does happen that sometimes we need to get out of one ... That's when we get the usual " it's not you, it's me " ... Or the oh so famous " The next guy (or girl) who comes , and will be your mate is going to be a very lucky guy " .... WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!
          When u want to break up with somebody , be honest. Why isn't it simpler to just say the real reasons why you are taking the decision. Are you falling for someone else ? Do you believe you don't go together anymore? Are the feelings just not there? Is the magic all gone? ... Was there any feelings in the first place? ... When you stand up to someone , and say : " it's not you , it's me ? "..... What are they suppose to get out of that ?... if you are dumping the girl , because she's a nutcase , TELL HER ! Do not say it's not her , it's you .... We both know it's HER !!!! if you are dumping the guy because he's a weirdo , TELL HIM that it's HIM ! .... Once you are honest, there is nothing else to do ... Truth might hurt, but truth it is ...
           When you get " The next guy who comes " speech ... i have one question , What the hell is that suppose to mean? ... If you say the next person to come is going to be the luckiest on earth , I'm going to assume you don't approve of luck. If i'm so amazing , what do you have against amazing people ?! Don't push a compliment in between insults like that. All your partner is going to hear is that something is wrong with them , even though they are sooo AMAZING ( you say ) , They are still not perfect enough for you ..

So the truth is , your partner would seriously appreciate to be hurt by the truth , rather then to go down with an ambiguous compliment . Leaving them stranded with feelings they can no longer share, with emotions they have to swallow ...
                            So ride the horse , get on with it, Truth be told, be Honest. !!!!!

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